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Since 1926, Jackson Wheeler has been manufacturing a wide variety of both Tin and Lead Base Babbitt. These alloys will meet most Babbitting applications. In 1996, Belmont Metals acquired Jackson Wheeler and continues to manufacture the complete line of Jackson Wheeler products.

Primarily used in bearing applications, there are a number of factors to take into consideration in selecting the appropriate Babbitt alloy. The most important being the surface speed of the shaft and the load the bearing is required to carry. A high tin alloy is desireable if a bearing is to be highly loaded. If there is much slower speed work and less heavily loaded bearings, a lead based Babbitt could be used and would be more economical.

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Applications: Used in the manufacture of new bearings and the re-lining and repairing of spent and broken bearings. Both Tin and Lead base meet most application requirements.

Forms: Bar, Cake, and Wire

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Smooth operation

Choosing the right Babbitt alloy helps to increase a bearing’s useful life Reliable machine operation depends on a properly working bearing assembly. If there is a failure within the bearing, such as a decrease in lubrication, the resulting heat from friction can not only decrease the life of the bearing but also cause equipment to…

Keep on rolling

Babbitt metals ensure machinery runs smoothly Bearings play an integral role in machine efficiency by reducing friction between moving parts. The earliest recorded examples of bearing usage date back to the Romans, and in the year 1500, Leonardo da Vinci sketched a design for a helicopter that incorporated ball bearings. Today, common types of bearings…