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Cloaeup on some pellets of the element No 31: Gallium
Low Melting Point Alloys and Their Industrial Uses

From fuses and thermostats to molds and tube bending, you can find low melting point alloys in countless industrial applications and products. Low melting point alloys, also called fusible alloys, are unique in that they’re meltable at relatively low temperatures and have high thermal conductivity. This makes them suitable across a variety of industrial applications…

lithium mine
Lithium Properties and Modern Manufacturing Applications  

According to Stanford University, rechargeable and disposal batteries generate most of the growth in demand for this silver-white metal. Thus, when most people hear about lithium, they think of the lithium and lithium-ion batteries that power smartphones, computers, other devices, and electric vehicles.   At the same time, plenty of industries rely upon lithium. Besides batteries,…

additive manufacturing aluminum
Popular Aluminum Alloys Used for Additive Manufacturing

Production manufacturers use the term additive manufacturing to refer to 3D printing on an industrial scale. Many high-value products rely on aluminum alloys. In addition, production-scale 3D printing keeps growing increasingly popular. Thus, effective aluminum alloys for additive manufacturing have received much attention from manufacturers, researchers, and various industries.   Manufacturers often turn to additive manufacturing…