Research Atomizer for Additive Manufacturing

Belmont Metals has recently installed a low volume metal Research Atomizer to produce spherical powders for applications including additive manufacturing. For the first time in metal powder industry, it is now possible to atomize small batches of specialty and custom alloys for R&D purpose and to develop more efficient alloys rapidly for Additive Manufacturing.
The advantages of the Research Atomizer at Belmont Metals include:

  1. Small batches
  2. Easy fast turnaround from alloy to alloy
  3. Shorter lead time
  4.  Capability to process wide range of alloys from low melt alloys to high temperature alloys
  5. Processing under vacuum and inert conditions
  6. Ability to meet your particle size distribution specifications (Between 10 – 100 Microns)
  7. Have the capability to offer particle sizes under 500 nanometers
  8. Perfectly spherical powder morphology -ideal for additive manufacturing
  9. Ability to produce a variety of alloys – from Al and Cu base to Nickel base alloys
  10. Higher yield

Please contact us if interested in having a consultation with our Metallurgy team regarding any projects that you have.