Custom Alloys for Research & Development

Many foundries lack the capability in producing small order quantities for R&D purposes. With our unique test furnaces, Belmont Metals is positioned to supply just that to companies and institutions who are testing the properties and feasibility of various alloy families.

With minimum order quantities ranging from five to ten pounds, depending on alloy composition, costs can be controlled in metal procurement and thus re-purposed in other facets of research and development.

In addition, with the unmatched variety of our product catalog, we are in a unique position to offer you unbiased metallurgical advice to assist you with your work.

Furthermore, once a desired specification is met, we are also positioned in scaling up the production of the alloys to meet your production needs.

Please also have a look at some of our success stories working with our customers through the years developing the right alloys for their business needs: Custom Alloy Success Stories

Below find a chart listing the standard sample size we offer for different alloy families:

Alloy Category Sample Size (lbs)
Aluminum-Based Alloys 4 lbs
Bismuth-Based Alloys 5 lbs
Copper-Based Alloys 5 lbs
Lead-Based Alloys 5 lbs
Tin-Based Alloys 5 lbs
Zinc-Based Alloys 5 lbs

Please reach out to our Sales Department if you are interested in this service, we offer Low Flat Rate Pricing.