Featuring a wide variety of alloys and shapes for all electroplating processes including INCO Nickel, High Grade Zinc, CDA 101 Copper.

The electroplating process consists of the immersion of an object to be coated in a bath containing an anode. The object itself functions as the cathode. The bath is usually an aqueous solution of salts of the metal to be deposited. An electrolytic cell is produced when voltage is applied to the anode. The cathode being negative. Metal ions formed in the solution are attracted to the cathode where they gain electrons and deposit out of the solution onto the cathode surface as pure metal. Belmont Metals has been a manufacturer of Electroplating Anodes suitable for a wide variety of end uses for almost 100 years.

Belmont Metals offers various metals & alloys for Electroplating such as Cadmium, Cadmium-Tin, Copper, Phosphorized Copper, Brass & Bronze, Lead, Antimonial Lead, Nickel, Tin , Zinc, and numerous Tin-Lead and Tin-Zinc solders.

Forms Available:

Balls, Cathodes, Pellets, Flat Tops, Nuggets, Rounds, Oval and Flat Anodes, Rod, Bar, and Squares.

All shapes not available in all metals and alloys.

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