Bismuth-Based Alloys

Bismuth Alloys

Featuring 99.9% Bismuth and Low Melt Eutectic and Non-Eutectic Alloys offering custom compositions and forms

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Low Melting (Fusible) Alloys

Featuring 158°F, 203°F radiation shielding alloys, pipe bending alloys, and low temperature solders. Eutectic: melting points from 117° – 281°F.Non-eutectic: melting points from 107° – 338°F.Mellottes metal, Rose metal, Wood’s metal, and others. Low-melting alloy wire.

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Featuring: Body solders, Lead-base, Lead-free solders, Low melting solders, Miter-Al-braze (MAB), Tin-Antimony solders, Tin-base, Tin-Cadmium solders, Tin-Lead solders, Tin-Zinc solders

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