Zamak 5 should be consider when moderately greater hardness strength and creep resistance is require over Zamak 3. Zamak 5 has the same composition as Zamak 3 with the additional of 1% copper in order to increase strength (by approximately 10%), hardness and corrosive resistance, but reduces ductility. Zamak 5, or Zinc alloy 5, is the most widely used Zinc die casting in Europe. It has higher strengh and less ductility than other members of the Zamak.

  • 1/4# Capping Bar
  • 4-20 Ingot
  • Approx. 1 Lb. Regular Bars
  • Margash Bar
Belmont Product Code89511
Nominal Composition:
  • 95% Zn
  • 4% Al
  • 1% Cu

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