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The benefits of adding aluminum to zinc alloys

Here at Belmont Metals, we offer zinc alloys, which are great for use in soldering applications, die casting and for use as a corrosion-resistant coating. Zinc is often alloyed with other types of metal in order to improve its strength and heat resistance.

The Properties of Pure Forms of Zinc

Pure forms of zinc are often used to die cast large quantities of small parts because of its high specific gravity, but it’s not preferred for many other types of applications because it is considered a weak metal that has up to 50 percent less tensile strength than steel. It is also considered brittle and only becomes malleable between 212 and 302 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s important to understand that higher temperatures don’t increase the malleability of zinc, instead, it reverts back to being brittle. Zinc does have high electrochemical properties and is great for use in batteries as well as galvanizing.

8 Benefits of Adding Aluminum to Create Zinc Alloys

In order to reduce the negative properties of zinc, like it’s low tensile strength and brittleness, it is often combined with a certain percentage of aluminum. Here at Belmont Metals, we offer zinc alloys with between 1 and 15 percent aluminum. When aluminum is added to zinc, the alloy offers several machining and manufacturing benefits that include:

  1. A reduction in the need for the assembling of parts because zinc alloys can be die-cast as a single piece, which can reduce production man-hours.
  2. Less material is required for certain applications, which reduces the material cost per unit.
  3. Machining process overhead costs greatly decrease when zinc alloys are used due to the reduced need to perform finishing processes.
  4. The need for maintenance and retooling decreases and higher quantities of parts can be made before machine maintenance is needed.
  5. Zinc Aluminum alloys make excellent bearings due to the reduced need for bushings and wear inserts.
  6. The alloys have great thermal conductivity and a high tensile and yield strength.
  7. The alloys are corrosion resistant and non-sparking, which improves safety and longevity.
  8. Components made with zinc alloys are recyclable and environmentally friendly, which helps reduce waste sent to landfills.

Purchasing Aluminum Zinc Alloys from Belmont Metals

If you are thinking about increasing your production and reducing your overhead costs with zinc alloys, we can help you. We offer several different types of zinc-aluminum alloys, including zinc-aluminum solder alloys and slush alloys that contain 95 percent zinc and between 1 and 5 percent aluminum and commercial grade zinc right alloy that is 85 percent zinc and 15 percent aluminum as well as other types of zinc alloys.

To learn more about our zinc alloys and to purchase our zinc alloys, give us a call at 718-342-4900 or visit our online store. We can fill small or large orders.