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Metal 3D-printed boat propeller.
The Importance of Developing More Metal Alloys for Additive Manufacturing

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) is increasingly important across a range of industries. Compared to traditional manufacturing, AM is faster and more flexible; it also offers greater design freedom for complex geometries. The technology is poised to cut costs and streamline production environments. First, however, engineers and researchers must overcome common 3D printer limitations and develop…

Custom Alloy Shapes for Versatile Applications

When it comes to manufacturing a product, efficient production processes allow for parts and materials to be created at a consistent pace. Finding metal alloy solutions that can increase the speed of processes without impacting the quality of products is a main goal that many manufacturers seek out when obtaining metals from an alloy manufacturer….

A perfect match

Select the right alloy for your application and guarantee long-term performance Many alloy families have been engineered to be versatile and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Some of these alloys are referred to as “universal,” which means the same material can be used for products from utensils to rivets. At first glance,…