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copper wire
Different Grades of Copper

Copper is a commercial metal that is used throughout the world due to its mechanical and structural properties. This metal offers excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Also, it resists corrosion as its malleability and ductility allows the metal to be easily worked and fabricated. There are different grades of metal based on its purity levels….

grades of tin
Different Grades of Tin

Tin is used through the world in a range of different applications. It is commonly used as coatings on other metals, such as steel sheets that are manufactured into beverage cans and other food containers. This metal is also found in ornamental products as well as costume jewelry. Tin can be alloyed to other base…

history and today life comparison
Comparison of Day-to-Day Life Between Now and 1896

Being in business for multiple generations can certainly put you into a nostalgic mood. It’s worth studying the past to gain insight into today’s accomplishments as well to encourage us to do even better, going forward. As the team at Belmont celebrates our company’s 125th anniversary this month, we wanted to make a comparison of…