Year: 2023

Ship in port
Preventing Ship Corrosion With Zinc Cathodic Anodes

Working with metal in any industry comes with varying levels of concern over corrosion. For maritime industries, corrosion can quickly lead to damaged parts, costly repairs, and a delay in processes. Each part of a ship with exposure to the water will begin corroding due to the high salinity of sea and ocean water. Countering…

Stacks of zinc ingots
What Manufacturers Need To Know About Zamak Alloys

Thanks to its wide range of applications, zinc has become a staple in alloys across multiple industries. From bolstering corrosion resistance to galvanizing steel, zinc sees continuous demand worldwide. Some manufacturers may be unaware of the difference between zinc-dominant alloys, also known as the hypoeutectic Zamak. With nearly 15% of the world’s zinc being used for alloys,…

Best Applications of Bismuth-Tin Alloys

Bismuth’s low melting point may have helped it find a niche in the printing and typesetting industries of the early 20th century, but it gained new life around the mid-20th century for its use in electronic devices. Due to its non-toxicity, it has become in high demand as a lead substitute in products such as…