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Stacks of zinc ingots
What Manufacturers Need To Know About Zamak Alloys

Thanks to its wide range of applications, zinc has become a staple in alloys across multiple industries. From bolstering corrosion resistance to galvanizing steel, zinc sees continuous demand worldwide. Some manufacturers may be unaware of the difference between zinc-dominant alloys, also known as the hypoeutectic Zamak. With nearly 15% of the world’s zinc being used for alloys,…

Stacks of aluminum bars in a warehouse
Magnesium-Infused Aluminum Alloys and Their Benefits for Manufacturers

Even in its simplest form, aluminum can be found in the objects we use in everyday life. From consumer goods such as kitchen foil to integral parts of modern architecture and transportation, this lightweight material is becoming increasingly crucial to many industries. However, by itself, aluminum has low strength, which can limit its application. To…