Custom Alloy Shapes for Versatile Applications

When it comes to manufacturing a product, efficient production processes allow for parts and materials to be created at a consistent pace. Finding metal alloy solutions that can increase the speed of processes without impacting the quality of products is a main goal that many manufacturers seek out when obtaining metals from an alloy manufacturer. This specific service is also essential for when manufacturers are creating brand new products with short deadlines.

However, not all alloys are shaped in the same way. Many manufacturers are familiar with purchasing alloys that have been formed into ingots, bars, wires, mesh shot, and sheets. Yet an alloy manufacturer such as Belmont Metals can also provide flexibility in alloy shapes to offer custom forms that are more suitable for the application that the product manufacturer will create when using these alloys.

As a Brooklyn, New York, alloy manufacturer, Belmont Metals prides itself on providing a wide range of alloys as well as providing custom alloys and R&D work for product manufacturers around the world. These alloys can be used in a number of industries including appliance, automotive, heavy machinery, healthcare and jewelry manufacturing.

We have been in business for over a century as a nonferrous metal dealer and manufacturer since 1896. By continuously upgrading our operations with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to meet customer demands, we always meet quality and service standards that our client’s need to become a dominating and competitive force in their chosen industry.

Understanding that the needs of each product manufacturer can differ, Belmont Metals offers more flexibility and variety in their offered alloys so that companies can seek out custom alloy shapes for their applications. Custom alloy shapes can be vital for companies that are developing new innovations that require components to be manufactured with a specific process.

While people often think that alloys are cast using high temperatures as the molten metal is poured into a mold, there are other metalworking processes available. Many companies require our alloys to be in a short form that is of a particular size, as an example 2-5 mesh. Though several techniques of pouring the metal into a bath and screening the metal we are able to offer the specific size required. Beyond this application, there are almost unlimited ways you can customize the shape of different alloys to fit a client’s requirements.

The use of other metalworking processes can be simplified for the product manufacturer if the alloy is created into a specific shape that allows for an easier bending, squeezing shearing or drawing process. The alloy doesn’t have to be significantly altered as much, so it can maintain certain properties and characteristics that may be lost if the alloy is worked too much in the cold working process.

At Belmont Metals, technicians and metallurgists are available to assist companies in deciding on the right alloy shapes to receive. By examining and identifying the properties and compositions that the alloy must have for the specific application, the alloy manufacturer can form the custom alloy into the versatile shape that is ideal to the client’s specifications. Belmont Metals currently offers over 30 different alloy shapes as well as 3,000 formulas in its alloy product lines.

These custom alloy shapes can also save the product manufacturer in costs, as the new shape may weigh less and be easier to ship to their manufacturing plant. Saving money on transportation and fuel costs while the alloy is in the right shape for casting and cold-working, can help the company speed up production processes and keep their budget expenses on track.

Newer innovations are constantly testing the characteristics and properties of standard alloys during the creation of high-quality products. Through technical analysis performed in metallurgical laboratories, as well as research and design capabilities offered by experienced technicians and engineers provided by Belmont Metals, new custom alloys are constantly being created. These alloys can be modified and improved on to offer a quality metal material that can go through stresses without losing their desired compositions.

Metallurgical requirements can be difficult for regular manufacturers to obtain when they don’t have the facilities or the technicians available on staff to handle the work. Working with Belmont Metals allows these manufacturers to gain access to technical analysis, custom R&D processes and quality assurance testing to ensure that the alloy lives up to specifications while being in the desired custom alloy shape for the application.