Copper Silver alloys in varying compositions have become increasingly popular in the use of producing diamond impregnated bits due to increased infiltration rates and wearability which improves product performance depending on the drilling requirements. Custom compositions are available upon request.

  • 1/2" & Down Polished Shot
  • Ingot
Belmont Product Code 48024
Nominal Composition:
  • Proprietary



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    Virgin Grade Binder Alloy – MF53
    Virgin Grade Binder Alloy – MF53
    Copper Based Binder Alloy based on the original MF53 specification. Designed especially for use in PDC Matrix bit applications. Custom compositions available as well.
    • 1/2" Polished Cubes
    • Approx 1/2" Tumbled Cubes
    Belmont Product Code 4537
    Nominal Composition:
    • Proprietary


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