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Popular Applications and Uses for High Grade Virgin Zinc

Industries around the world rely on base metals and alloys in the manufacturing of parts, components, and complex assemblies that will be used in their operations or as products to consumers. One such metal is zinc. As the fourth most widely used metal in the world, zinc is a versatile and adaptable material that can be added to other metals to create alloys such as aluminum and brass.

Properties of High Grade Virgin Zinc

Different grades of zinc are used based on the properties that will be provided in the manufacturing process. High grade virgin zinc, also referred to as special high grade zinc, is non-magnetic and non-sparking. Companies may use this metal in operations that may have or create magnetic fields, or for applications where equipment or tools should not create sparks that would lead to fire hazards or explosions.

Another property to zinc is that the metal is self-lubricating and does not require manual lubrication processes. It is used in many inner workings and complex working assemblies that have metal-on-metal components.

Zinc is also extremely malleable. It can be formed into a wide range of shapes and sizes without losing any of its mechanical or structural characteristics. So it can be worked into sheets, strips, tubes, and broken down into a powder form. High grade virgin zinc is used in many popular applications based on how it is formed.

Applications of Zinc

Zinc Sheets

High grade virgin zinc sheets have a composition of 99.99% zinc. The thickness and weight of the sheet is normally taken into consideration for its use. Most often, these sheets are durable, environmentally friendly, and provide impact resistance. You may see zinc sheets used in decorative applications such as on cabinets, or for impact resistance like on exterior trim used on cars, countertops for food-grade use, sinks, and bar tops.

Zinc Strips

Smaller zinc strips will also be found for many exterior car features, concrete highway pavement, and for exterior home products such as wall cladding, holding up gutters, and on dormers. Zinc offers corrosion resistance to many applications makes them suitable for wet conditions that may have high humidity as well as salt water. Zinc with a purity level of 99.55% may be used as sacrificial anodes on marine vessels to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Zinc Powder

High grade zinc powder is often used in galvanizing applications and for its electro-chemical properties. It is often added into other products to enhance their mechanical and protective properties. The powdered metal may be found in sprays to galvanize products, as powder coatings, and used in friction materials. It may also be used in mechanical plating and in inside batteries.

The use of high grade virgin zinc is vast. In addition to the applications mentioned above, pharmaceutical companies will also use varying forms of zinc in their applications due to it being environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. For more information on how zinc may be used in your project, contact Belmont Metals.