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High Grade Zinc: Manufacturing Benefits for Granular and Shot Forms  

Zinc is a silvery white metal used throughout industrial manufacturing. This metal us used to create die casts that help create parts and components for a wide range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, and other industries. Another form or zinc, called zinc oxide, may be placed into paints, inks, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and even batteries. 

High grade zinc is often used to galvanize steel, which provides a coating over steel that will be used outdoors to offer increased corrosion resistance and to prevent rust. To make brass, zinc is added into copper. 

Benefits to Granular and Shot Zinc 

Zinc metals are available in many forms for companies. The size of the zinc is very important as it can impact how well the metal melts during foundry processes. Two types of sizes and shapes of zinc are granular and shot. Zinc shot takes on the appearance of round, and sometimes flat, pebbles much like flattened marbles. Granular zinc is much smaller and do not have specific shapes. Some benefits of using zinc in these two forms: 

Less Waste 

Manufacturers measure out zinc based on size weight to be placed into the melt during the alloying process. When the zinc is in shot or granular form, the manufacturer may get a more precise measurement. This strategy prevents extra zinc from not being wasted and ensures that exact specifications can be met. 

Better Fit for Smaller Foundry Operations 

For smaller founder and hobbyist operations, they may use smaller foundry pots when melting metals together and forming products. Small granular and shot pieces of zinc fit better in these smaller pots  

Full Dissolve in the Melt 

When melting metals, the manufacturer needs to set it to a certain temperature for the correct length of time without causing damage to the inherent properties and characteristics of the metal. Smaller zinc shot and granular pieces melt faster and more easily. So the manufacturer doesn’t have to keep the higher temperatures longer than necessary. 

Faster Delivery 

Suppliers of zinc can produce and delivery the metal in granular and shot sizes in a faster production time. They can make the zinc to the proper grade, specifications, and formula so it will work well for their desired applications. 

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