Environmentally Friendly Metals

Are you looking to go green with your manufacturing business? If you are, Belmont Metals has the lead-free, environmentally conscious metals you need to help make your business more productive while protecting the soil and water from lead contamination and reducing the risk of health problems in your employees from accidentally coming into contact with high levels of lead.

Benefits of Lead-Free Metals

According to the CDC, children are considered to have high levels of lead in their systems when the lead levels in their blood measure 5 micrograms per deciliter. Children can be exposed to lead from a variety of sources, including playing in lead-contaminated soil and drinking lead-contaminated water.

When it comes to manufacturing, one of the ways to reduce lead levels in the environment is to use materials that are lead-free. This is because lead can make its way into the soil and water to spite EPA regulations and strict protocols designed to prevent lead leaching.

  • Less Risk of Lead Leaching into the Surrounding Environment
  • Less Risk of Lead Poisoning of Plant Workers
  • Reduced Risk of Inhaling Lead Particles During Certain Manufacturing Processes
  • Safer Overall Work Environment

Understanding Lead and Why It’s Used

Lead has been popular for centuries due to its low melting point, extreme malleability and resistance to developing leaks and corrosion. In fact, it was used widely in many different industries for centuries. Lead has been used to manufacture plumbing pipes, solder, gasoline and glass, and it is still used in some industries for its anti-corrosion properties, especially when it comes to manufacturing liners for containers that store highly acidic chemicals and as radiation shields.

Unfortunately lead is extremely toxic. It can cause mental impairment, learning disabilities, digestive problems and organ failure. For that reason, many industries have switched from lead-based metals to lead-free metals, like brass, zinc and tin, which have similar properties as lead without the risk of poisoning.

Safe Alternatives for Lead

If you are looking for lead-free metals for your manufacturing plant that have similar properties as lead, consider using bismuth, tin or zinc. Bismuth is now widely being used as solder for plumbing pipes and other product manufacturing processes that require the soldering of joints, including car repairs that require sheet metal work.

Tin and zinc can be combined with other metals to form durable, corrosion resistant alloys that are used for the casting of metal parts, the manufacturing of galvanized steel and as plating over other types of metal in order to increase wear resistance and reduce the likelihood of metal corrosion.

Lead-Free Metals from Belmont Metals in Brooklyn

Here at Belmont Metals in Brooklyn, we sell lead-free metals, including tin, zinc and bismuth, in powders, mesh shots, sheets and ingots. We even have the ability to create special variants of metals so that you get exactly what you need for your manufacturing facility. Our metal workers can even create custom bismuth, tin and zinc-based alloys that meet your strict requirements.

To learn more about our lead-free environmental metals, call us at 718-342-4900. We are now offering online ordering.