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Belmont Metals Turns 125 This Month: Looking Back at Major U.S. and World Events From 1896 to Now

It’s not often that a company endures for more than a century, which explains why the professionals at Belmont Metals are bursting with pride—we’ve gone even further. This month marks our 125th year in business, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to provide the highest quality alloys to our customers.
To put our business in context, it’s useful to consider major events that transpired in the United States and around the world from our founding in 1896 until today.

1896: Games of the 1 Olympiad, more commonly referred to as the first modern Summer Olympics, took place between April 6-April 15 in Athens, Greece.
1898: Spanish-American War endures for 100 days, with 289 American casualties.
1903: Orville and Wilbur achieve the first flight of a heavier-than-air airplane at Kitty Hawk, NC.
1906: A massive earthquake strikes San Francisco, with 500 people missing or dead and devastation spread across 4 square miles.
1914: United States enters World War 1.
1920: Woman guaranteed the right to vote in the U.S. Prohibition against alcohol begins in the country.
1927: Charles Lindbergh makes a historic transatlantic flight by himself in an airplane called the Spirit of St. Louis.
1929: Falling stock market sends the United States into the Great Depression.
1941: Under attack, the U.S. enters World War 2.
1945: Testing of first atomic bomb occurs in Alamogordo in New Mexico and founding of the United Nations takes place in San Francisco, CA. This paved the way toward dropping atomic weapons on Japan to end World War 2.
1950: U.S. involved in war with Korea.
1962: Cuban Missile Crisis nuclear threat almost sends the world into war.
1963: President John F. Kennedy assassinated.
1965: United States initiates combat flights across South Vietnam, with U.S. advisors increasing from 23,000 in summer to 184,000 troops by the end of 1965.
1969: Humans land on the Moon, with Neil Armstrong taking the first steps on the surface of another world on July 20, followed by fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
1972: First public demonstration of the ARPANET, the forerunner of today’s Internet. Email is also invented this year.
1974: Richard Nixon becomes the first U.S. president to resign from office in the aftermath of the Watergate political scandal.
1985: Researchers and developers are using Internet on a regular basis, paving the way toward massive adoption commercialization, such as through advertising.
1990: An international effort, the Human Genome Project begins to identify and locate all genes, completing work in 2003. The World Wide Web also comes into existence, connecting people over computer networks from around the globe.
1991: United States involved in Persian Gulf War.
1995: In a triumph of international cooperation, the United States docks its space shuttle with the Russian space station.
1996: China becomes signatory to worldwide ban on testing atomic weapons.
2001: Terrorist attacks strike the twin World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon with hijacked airplanes, while a fourth plane crashes before hitting its target.
2008: U.S. elects first African-American president, Barack Obama.
2009: Digital crypto currency Bitcoin is invented.
2010: Massive earthquake kills 230,000 people in Haiti.
2011: Americans kill terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden.
2014: Ebola epidemic kills at least 11,000 individuals in West Africa.
2016: Citizens of the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union.
2019: In entertainment, the Avengers: Endgame movie becomes highest-grossing film in history.
2020: World is reeling from the novel coronavirus pandemic causing Covid-19 infections. America elects Joe Biden (former VP to president Obama) to be president and Kamala Harris to become the first female of color to ascend to this political height.

Alloys Created With an Eye to the Future
Looking forward, as companies come up with new inventions or expand their line of manufactured products, the need for precisely developed metal alloys for a wide range of applications will be needed. The team at Belmont Metals looks forward to contributing our knowledge, skills and 125 years of experience to helping industry realize their projects both small and large.