Month: May 2021

metal matrix parts lined up on manufacturing floor
How manufacturers use various metals for matrix metal composites

Though it’s not a metal, adding straw into mud to make bricks that don’t crumble easily might represent the first composite material documented in history. Surprisingly, some currently standing mud-composite buildings have lasted for hundreds of years, demonstrating adobe’s clear superiority over mud or straw alone as a building material. Relying on similar principals of…

close up image of metal drill bits lined up beside each other, silver in color
The Infiltration Process to Create Matrix Metal Composites

Metal Matrix Composites, often shortened to MMC, refer to composite materials formed from at least two parts. The properties of these composites improve the material’s properties to provide benefits for certain applications. Some examples might include very durable components for drill bits or strong, lightweight parts for aerospace and transportation. According to Science Direct, some…