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Featuring INCO Alloys, 99.9% Electrolytic Ni for gold alloying, and plating, and Ni shot for foundries.

Nickel was used by ancient man in swords and implements fashioned by from nickel-bearing meteorites and in coins made from pakton, a nickel-copper alloy first developed in China. It was extracted as an element in 1751 and named Nickel from the ore “kupfer-nickel”, so-called by superstitious miners who believed that the ore was bedeviled. The modern nickel industry dates from the opening of the New Caledonia mines in 1875 and those of Sudbury, Ontario, in 1886. Today, roughly 1 million tons of primary Nickel is produced and consumed annually in the world.

Nickel has a vast number of uses throughout industry. The most commonly known use must be in coins when alloyed with copper, and in stainless steel when alloyed with iron and chromium. It is used in metallic and salt form with and without other metals and salts, as a catalyst in a large range of inorganic chemical reactions. Many types of steel alloys contain nickel especially when resistance to corrosion is required. It is used for plating, especially in the automotive industry and for cutlery. Some types of batteries use nickel. It forms part of many high strength alloys used in the aeronautics industry.

Featured Product Specifications

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Form Nominal
- - - Ni Other
INCO Electrolytic Grade N Nickel 9002A 1/4" x 3/4" Diameter Pellets 99.95 Bal
99.9% Nickel Powder 9003A 100-325 Mesh Powder 99.9 Bal
INCO "S" Nickel 9111A 1" Rounds 99.95 Bal
Electrolytic Nickel Cathodes 9121D 4" x 4" Squares 99.9 Bal