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1008A – 99.9% Aluminum
2-5 Mesh Shot

1300B – 99% Aluminum Powder
100-325 Mesh

1009C – 99.99% Aluminum
2-5 Mesh Shot


Featuring 99.9%, 99.99%, Primary 99.85%, 99.5%, and 99% Aluminum in a variety of forms

More Aluminum is produced than any other non-ferrous metal, and none has such a diverse range of uses. The metal has a high thermal and electrical conductivity and high strength, particularly when alloyed with small quantities of other metals such as silicon and manganese. It is extremely ductile, and can be cast comparatively easily into all kinds of complex shapes.

Its resistance to corrosion and its attractive appearance makes this metal suitable for many applications in the construction industry. Its lightness (aluminum is less than half as heavy as steel) makes it the most important metal in the aircraft industry. The versatility of aluminum explains its popularity.

It competes with copper in its application of electricity, with steel in construction, with zinc for castings and with stainless steel in its corrosion free properties. It is also used for “de-oxidizing”, that is the property of removing oxygen from molten iron and steel. There are few manufacturing and industrial activities which do not have a substantial use for this most useful of metals

Featured Product Specifications

Form Nominal
- - - Al Other
99.9% Aluminum 1008A 2-5 Mesh Shot 99.9 Bal
99.99% Aluminum 1009C 2-5 Mesh Shot 99.99 Bal
99.9% Aluminum 1008H 50 lb Ingot 99.9 Bal
Primary 99.85% Aluminum 1005H 50 lb Ingots 99.85 Bal
99% Aluminum Powder 1300B 100-325 Mesh Powder 99 Bal
99.99% Aluminum 1009A 24 lb Ingots 99.99 Bal
99.5% Aluminum 1010E 3 Mesh and Down Nuggets 99.5 Bal
99.9% Aluminum
Belmont Product Code 1008A
Form 2-5 Mesh Shot
Nominal Composition (%)Al - 99.9Other : Bal
99.99% Aluminum
Belmont Product Code 1009C
Form 2-5 Mesh Shot
Nominal Composition (%)Al - 99.99Other : Bal
99.9% Aluminum
Belmont Product Code 1008H
Form 50 lb Ingot
Nominal Composition (%)Al - 99.9Other : Bal
Primary 99.85% Aluminum
Belmont Product Code 1005H
Form 50 lb Ingots
Nominal Composition (%)Al - 99.85Other : Bal
99% Aluminum Powder
Belmont Product Code 1300B
Form 100-325 Mesh Powder
Nominal Composition (%)Al - 99Other : Bal
99.99% Aluminum
Belmont Product Code 1009A
Form 24 lb Ingots
Nominal Composition (%)Al - 99.99Other : Bal
99.5% Aluminum
Belmont Product Code 1010E
Form 3 Mesh and Down Nuggets
Nominal Composition (%)Al - 99.5Other : Bal