Ánodos de estaño al 99,9% diseñados para maximizar el área de superficie, ofrecer una excelente distribución en el baño de revestimiento y producidos con una estructura de grano fino. Disponibles longitudes a medida.

Código de Producto Belmont 7001S



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Chemical reactions

ACS Reagent-grade Tin and Zinc for use in chemical analysis and compound creation Tin and Zinc are essential components of many alloys, but uses for these two elements extend beyond solders, die castings, galvanizing, and plating. Reagent grades of Zinc and Tin can be used in chemical analysis or other reactions. In organic chemistry, reagents…

Safe sparklers

Using lead-free pewter alloys for making jewelry helps alleviate health concerns Adding lead to an alloy can help create characteristics—such as softness and lower melting temperatures—that are useful for many applications. However, lead also is a neurotoxin that is dangerous to animals and humans. Small children are more vulnerable to the effects of lead exposure…