Zinc sheets were originally designed for industrial applications such as water resistance, roof flashing, chemical resistance, cathode protection, engraving, sound deadening and scientific applications. Over the years Zinc sheets became popular in commercial establishments including bar finishes and cabinet tops. In France, zinc tables are very popular. This application then spread to decorative raised panels in elevators and architectural designs in stores. Today this versatile material can be seen in with a variety of different looks and is found in prestigious residential applications, including bar tops, decorative counters, kitchen cooking areas, stove enclosures, heat protection panels, sink tops and cabinetry, as well as kick plates and moldings. Even artists are using it for sculptures and modern artwork. Bathroom areas and vanities are also taking on a new look with Zinc.

All of our zinc sheets are in an unfinished state and just as no two pieces of wood are the same, so is the look of our sheets. Each has its own minor imperfections, bumps, scratches, blemishes and striations but many people enjoy this natural look and let it “weather” even further. Others buff and polish it to a high sheen. The choice is a matter of taste


We recommend the use of the .027 for sinks, counters, and bar tops. Since a 39″ x 96″ sheet can weigh 35 lb., we suggest that for certain installations, such as cabinet surfaces, the use of our .020:” thickness should be considered.

We stock several thickness and our most popular grade is .027” thick. It also comes in an .019, .040″ and .060″ thicknesses. The .030″ sheets are produced in one standard size of 39″ x 96″. Other sizes, such as 120” long, are available for special order.

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    Láminas de Zinc para Mesadas
    Láminas de Zinc para Mesadas
    Láminas de zinc diseñadas para servicio de grado de alimentos, como mostradores, barras, ítems decorativos. Recomendamos la utilización del 0,027 para lavamanos, mesadas y partes superiores de barras. Ya que una lámina de 39 pulgadas x por 96 pulgadas puede pesar 35 libras, sugerimos que para ciertas instalaciones, como superficies de estanterías, debe evaluarse la utilización de nuestro espesor de 0,020. Disponemos de distintos espesores en stock y nuestro espesor más popular es el de 0,027. También está disponible en espesores de 0,019, 0,040 pulgadas y 0,060 pulgadas. Las láminas de 0,030 pulgadas se fabrican en un tamaño estándar de 39 pulgadas x 96 pulgadas. Otros tamaños, como la longitud de 120, están disponibles bajo pedido especial.
    • .027" x 39.37" x 96" (22 Gauge)
    • .060" x 39.37" x 96" (15 Gauge)
    • .040" x 39.37" x 96" (18 Gauge)
    Código de Producto Belmont 800.027S
    Composición Nominal
    • 99.99% Zn