The Advantages of Using Babbitt in Wire Form

You may have heard that Babbitt alloys are commonly used for ball bearings, but did you also know that it can be used as metal wire for spray applications. When Babbitt is used in a spray application, the deposition rate and speed are increased, resulting in faster production, less waste and less cost.

Benefits of Babbitt Alloy Wires

Babbitt alloy can be composed of several different metals, including tin, copper, antimony and lead, depending on the intended application and desired properties. The most common Babbitt wires are either tin or lead-based.

  • Extremely Consistent Composition
  • High Deposition Rates
  • Less Costly to Use
  • Less Waste
  • Meets/Exceeds Engineering Standards
  • Offers Bright Metal Appearance
  • Reduced Need for Cleanup
  • Very Low Oxide Levels
Babbitt Alloy Wire Applications

Babbitt alloy wire can be used for various types of spray applications, including flame spraying. This is due to its soft composition, high travel speeds and low levels of splatter. These positive attributes allow Babbitt to be used to coat other objects and materials easily and cost-effectively.

Flame Spraying

Flame spraying with Babbitt involves using an oxygen and gas or propane torch and feeding the wire into the flame so that it melts rapidly. The molten metal is then systematically sprayed onto the object. The process is simple enough that it can be performed in a dedicat4ed machine shop or performed on-site.

Benefits of Flame Spraying with Babbitt Wire

Babbitt wire is an ideal material for flame spraying. It offers excellent bonding to the host material, and it can achieve a variety of thicknesses from less than one millimeter to several millimeters. The process of flame spraying does not produce as much dust as other types of spraying techniques. The process of flame spraying does not produce as much dust as other types of spraying techniques. It can be used to coat standard or oddly shaped surfaces, and it is relatively low cost.

Flamed Sprayed Babbitt Wire Uses

Babbitt wire is most often flame sprayed onto ball bearings in order to decrease wear and tear on the bearing in the event that the lubricant runs low. It can also be used to repair certain machine parts, like pistons and saw blades where the previous surface has worn thin and a new coating needs to be applied.

Babbitt Alloys from Belmont Metals

Here at Belmont Metals in Brooklyn, NY, we are proud to be able to offer lead and zinc-based Babbitt wire in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. When you order our Babbitt wire, you can expect that it will meet or exceed your specifications and that it has been manufactured under the strictest metallurgical control in order to provide you with consistent coatings and reliable surface bonding.