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4981A – 2% Lithium Copper Alloy
1 lb Pieces 1″ x 1″ x 4″

4981J – 2% Lithium Copper Alloy
3-4 Oz Polished Pieces

Lithium Copper

Featuring 2% Lithium Copper for use as a deoxidizer and degasifier for copper and nickel-base alloys in a variety of forms

Belmont 2% Lithium Copper has gained recognition in recent years as one of the best deoxidizers and degasifiers for pure copper and copper and nickel-based alloys. It is especially useful for pure copper castings since it does not reduce conductivity. Other deoxidizers reduce conductivity drastically. The production of copper castings with well over 90% conductivity is possible when the proper melting and deoxidation procedures are used.

Belmont 2% Lithium Copper is a solid piece of metal in alloy form which readily dissolves In the molten metal without reaction or disturbance. This is not always the case with pure Lithium encased in a copper cartridge or tube, which may pick up moisture.


2% Lithium  Copper is used to eliminate gas holes, porosity and metal oxides while providing the added benefit of increased fluidity.


1 Lb. Pcs. ( 1” x 1” x 4” ) , 3 – 4 Oz. Polished Pcs.

Featured Product Specifications

Form Nominal
- - - Cu Li
2% Lithium Copper 4981A 1" x 1" x 4" 1 lb Pieces 98 2
2% Lithium Copper 4981J 3-4 Oz Polished Pieces 98 2
2% Lithium Copper
Belmont Product Code 4981A
Form 1" x 1" x 4" 1 lb Pieces
Nominal Composition (%)Cu - 98Li - 2
2% Lithium Copper
Belmont Product Code 4981J
Form 3-4 Oz Polished Pieces
Nominal Composition (%)Cu - 98Li - 2