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Featuring Electrolytic Copper in a variety of forms and Copper anodes meeting CDA 101 specifications

Copper is one of the basic chemical elements. In its nearly pure state, copper is a reddish-orange metal. Copper was first used as early as 10,000 years ago. A copper pendant was found in 8700 B.C. in Mesopotamia (Land between the Rivers). In the United States, the first copper mine was opened in Granby, Connecticut (1705), followed by one in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (1732). Despite this history, more than 96% of all copper ever mined and smelted has been extracted since 1900, and more than half was extracted in only the last 24 years.

One of the most widely used metals, the major applications of Copper are in electrical wires, roofing and plumbing, and industrial machinery. Copper has certain valuable properties that individually and in combination, determine what fields of application are suitable for the metal. The properties of major significance are electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and resistance to corrosion, malleability, formability, and strength. In addition, copper has a pleasing color, is nonmagnetic and is easily finished by plating or lacquering. Copper can also be welded, brazed and soldered satisfactorily. When it is desirable to improve certain of these basic properties, alloying often solves the problem, and such widely used commercial materials as the brasses, bronzes, copper-nickel alloys and nickel-silvers have been developed in consequence.


Featured Product Specifications

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Form Nominal
- - - Cu Other
Electrolytic Copper 4001L 3-14 Mesh Polished Shot 99.95 Bal
Electrolytic Copper 4001K 3-14 Mesh Unpolished Shot 99.95 Bal
CDA 101 OFHC Copper 499T 3/4" x 1" 99.99 Bal
99.5% Minimum Electrolytic Copper Unpolished Shot 4995D 10 Mesh and Down Granular 99.5 Bal
Electrolytic Copper 4001I 1" x 1" Unpolished Squares 99.95 Bal
Electrolytic Copper 4001J 1" x 1" Jewelers Grade Polished Squares 99.95 Bal
Electrolytic Copper Cathodes 4001HK 5/8" Thick x 4-1/2" x 6" 99.95 Bal
Electrolytic Copper Cathodes 4001D 5/8" Thick x 9" x 18" 99.95 Bal
Electrolytic Copper Cathodes 4001G 1/4" Thick x 3" x 3" 99.95 Bal