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Belmont offers extensive experience in the production of standard and custom alloys for casting of sculpture, jewelry, and decorative products. Our capability covers standard and special tin-, lead-, zinc-, and copper-base formulations and shapes suitable for a broad variety of applications. This allows us not only to serve special casting needs, but also to help our customers comply with OSHA and EPA regulations, metal price considerations, and other factors that influence metal choice. For example, our copper-base alloys have been used as cost-effective substitutes.


Sculpture, Jewelry, Figurines, Decorative Items, Giftware, Rubber Mold Casting


Ingot, Cut Bar, Cubes, Shot both Polished and Unpolished, Special Shapes

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Safe sparklers

Using lead-free pewter alloys for making jewelry helps alleviate health concerns Adding lead to an alloy can help create characteristics—such as softness and lower melting temperatures—that are useful for many applications. However, lead also is a neurotoxin that is dangerous to animals and humans. Small children are more vulnerable to the effects of lead exposure…