Featuring a wide variety of Copper-Based Alloys meeting CDA specifications, Brass and Bronzes for Jewelry and Sculpture, Copper-Based Master Alloys, and Custom Alloys

Copper was one of the first metals discovered and used by man; and it still finds wide applications. Its high thermal and electrical conductivity lets Copper find broad use in both electrical and heating/cooling usage. Copper has outstanding corrosion resistance to many chemicals and is easy to form and fabricate, leading to wide use in fluid handling and plumbing applications.

Good ductility, high conductivity and the ease of joining makes Copper the world’s #1 choice for the transmission of electrical power for telephone transmission, televisions, computers and other electrically powered products that make our lives easier.

Copper is often alloyed with additional base metals such as Zinc, Silicon, Tin, Nickel, Chromium and Beryllium among others, to produce Brasses and Bronzed that are used to make a wide variety of artistic, jewelry, marine and industrial products.

Copper has always been recycled, and today remains the most widely recycled metal in the world.

Forms/Shapes Available: Full and cut cathode, pigs, ingots, polished (Jeweler’s Grade) and unpolished squares, unpolished and polished (Jeweler’s Grade) shot, nuggets.

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Water safety

Lead-free and low-lead alloys keep up with plumbing industry regulations Copper faucets, sinks and appliances have a lustrous color that helps create a warm atmosphere, making a house feel like a home. Copper and its alloys also are functional and durable. They resist corrosion and require little maintenance, which makes red metals an ideal choice…

Bring out the best

Master alloys help copper shine Red metals have played an important role in many cultures, including those of the ancient Egyptians and Romans, who crafted tools, cookware, dishes, mirrors and razors out of copper. Modern uses for copper include electrical, heating/cooling applications, fluid handling and plumbing applications, as well as an increasing demand for the…